Assemblies of God Nigeria, Rivers District

Welcome to Assemblies of God Church, Rivers District. Where everybody is somebody and Jesus is Lord

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Our Mission

  /  Our Mission


  1. To build a more healthy and spirit controlled District.
  2. To develop the capacity of various leadership and ministry; and to keep the entire workforce in focus.
  3. To build a faithful and God fearing membership that will be willing to respond to calls at any time with joy and excellent spirit as touching Giving, Prayer, Evangelism and Heavenly consciousness.
  4. To ensure a peaceful environment in all our churches in the District for valuable, spiritual and meaningful worship unto the Lord.
  5. It is our desire that the gospel from all our altars – pulpits will be released under the unction of the Holy Spirit, that will bring about deliverance, healing and salvation of souls.
  6. That the entire ministerial workforce will whole heartedly depend on and trust God for divine support in all aspect of life.
  7. That every Sectional Leader / Co-ordinator and their wives will experience greater grace for reform and passion for the work.
  8. The departments will be proactive and inculcate passion for goal-setting and realization of such goal.
  9. The Section will work to seek to recover and restore lost glories.


Beloved, together we shall face our challenges, attract divine favour and we shall be fruitful, as we join to build a stronger relationship with God, while trusting Him for greater heights.