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Rev. Ogbu Dudu

  /  Rev. Ogbu Dudu


 The Rev. Ogbe Dudu hails from Bendel in the defunct Mid-West region of the present day Delta-Edo geographical area.

 Though not much was known about him as a result of lack of relevant documentations, the Rev. Dudu was the first Supervisor of the Rivers Area.

The ‘embryo of what later metamorphosed to a District with tentacles spread to virtually all nooks and crannies of the Old Rivers State which comprised the present Rivers and Bayelsa States was the architecture of the Rev. Dudu.

It is pertinent to state that though the Supervisorship of the Rev. Dudu lasted a decade before he was redeployed by the then General Superintendent, Rev. Oyakhilome, the geometric growth of the Area in population cannot be dissociated from Rev. Dudu.

From only one administrative unit, the then Rivers Area has given birth to thirteen other Administrative units namely:  Ahoada, Ikwerre, Eastern Rivers, Bayelsa, Bonny, Eleme/Tai, Ikwerre South, Etche, Northern Rivers, Bayelsa East, Bayelsa North, Ikwerre Central and Ikwerre North.

Supervising the then Rivers Area was not a mean feat.  The reason is not far-fetched.  The unfriendly geographical terrain and the dominance of the “orthodox” Christianity at the time, made the work herculean and an uphill task.

But renowned for his resilience, doggedness and invincible determination, the Rev. Dudu steered the Rivers Area to a level of appreciable ministerial and mission success.

Perhaps Ogbe’s achievement in missions was not unconnected with the circumstances of his birth as he was quoted to have always said he was born at the market place, hence he was named “Ogbe” meaning market.

Born therefore into Missions circumstances, Ogbe cultivated a very high passion for souls and remained focused.

The Rev. Ogbe Dudu (now late) lived in the 105 Aggrey Road parsonage with Rev. S.S. Aaron who then was the second Pastor of the oldest Assemblies of God Nigeria, 109 (now 105) Aggrey Road, after Rev. G.B. Ammonibia of blessed memory.

From the then 109 Aggrey Road, the Rev. Dudu relocated to No. 2 Harold Wilson Drive which was the official residence of the Area Supervisor.

After a meritorious service period, Rev. Dudu was withdrawn and the Rev. James J.G. Nedom succeeded him and became the first indigenous Area Supervisor of Rivers extraction.