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About the District Superintendent

  /  About the District Superintendent


(District Superintendent 2010 – Date).

 Born on August 1, 1962 into the family of late Rev. and Evang. Mrs. D.F. Ibulubo of Ambemebiri in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State, the Rev. Dr. Daddy Ibulubo believes that the ultimate essence of life could be expressed only in Jesus the Christ and in service to Him.  This conviction underscored his acceptance of the call into full-time ministry some 39 years ago.  The Rev. Dr. Ibulubo is the first indigenous Assemblies of God Nigeria minister’s son who became a Pastor in the Niger Delta region within Assemblies of God, denomination.

Rev. Dr. Ibulubo’s passion for soul and the Gospel is evident in his selfless disposition and self-discipline.  He believes and teaches that contentment not greed is the path to inner peace and ultimate victory.

As District Superintendent at 49, Dr. Ibulubo rose to the highest level of church administration at the District level.  Having been found worthy through the grace of God to be elected District Superintendent, Rivers District.  Besides, he has served in various capacities as a Local Church Pastor, Sectional Leader, District Christ Ambassador director, District Youth Ministries Co-ordinator, Sectional Co-ordinator as various times, District Missions Co-ordinator and District Secretary.

He holds a Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, a double Master’s in Theology and Church Administration and Ph.D. in Ecclesiastical Law.  He is a renowned for building capacities of Pastors, their wives and deacon to enhance productivity through Seminars and School of Ministries.  Dr. Ibulubo is good mixer, forgiving, believer in the Christian faith, brotherhood, irrespective of tribe, denomination or shortcoming.  Ibulubo’s quest for achievement knows no bounds.  Barely one year in the saddle, as District Superintendent, he stemmed the perennial tenancy servitude and capital flight by building an official residence for the District Superintendent.  As if that was not suggestive enough of his strive to carve a niche for himself, few months after, completion of Superintendent’s edifice, he acquired a multi-million naira virgin land for the District prayer camp ground known as the Mercy land which also served multi-purpose for which a five-year development plan was been marshaled.

As a District Superintendent, well versed and abreast with the nitty-gritty of church administration, Dr. Ibulubo believes in team work and the principle of collective decision and responsibility.  “We succeed together and we sink together,” is his guiding-light.  He remains a veritable bridge between the elders and the young in the ministry.

He is married to Rev. Mrs. Tamunoiminabo Mercy and the union is blessed with five children; Princess, Rosaline, Francis, Abigail and Sam-Praise.

Dr. Daddy Ibulubo is a leader of many parts:  a Pastor, an Administrator, a management scholar renown for building of the capacity of the workforce.  And all these, Ibulubo does with excellence born out of passion.

He is currently the Co-ordinator, Christian Association of Nigeria (C.A.N.) Coalition, Port Harcourt City Local Government Area (PHALGA).

As a good mixer and a teacher with sense of sound judgment and honour, Dr. Ibulubo has brought his wealth of experience and divine wisdom to bear in the critical times and complex matters capable of causing disaffection and deep-seated animosities, if not properly handled.  This is the magic wand that holds the Rivers District together and the Presbytery advancing as an indivisible Christian fraternity.

Poor administration has been identified as the bane of several church organizations, but the administrative acumen of Ibulubo could be described as the most fundamental element of his comparative advantage over others as evident in his return as District Superintendent on nominating ballot twice consecutively at 2013 and 2016 District Councils.

As a Human Resource Development advocate and a management scholar holding a doctorate degree to lend support to his intellectual ability to deliver, the Rev. Dr. Ibulubo has held Seventeen Capacity Building Conferences between 2011 and 2017.  They are, Schools of Ministries for Pastors and their Wives, Leadership Conference for Pastors, their Wives, Deacons, Deaconesses, and Departmental heads.


Ibulubo’s passion for soul winning and Church Growth occasioned the meteoric increase, like a phoenix, the number of churches to over 160.  Little wonder in 2010, he was awarded for “Service to Church Growth.”

*As a Peace Lover and Maker, Ibulubo was conferred with the Prestigious Ambassador of Peace in 2010.

*  For his strong character trait and sterling credibility, in 2012, Ibulubo was awarded the Africa Credibility Gold Award by Supreme Magazine.

*  For his intellectual Prowess, and Scholarly presentations, the Anointed University of South Africa conferred on him, the Chancellor’s Intellectual Award of the year 2013.

He also bagged a Distinguished Merit Award of Excellence in Community Development in 2009 by the International Christian Institute.

As an ardent advocate of the Social application of the Word of God, and Social Responsibility of the Church, he was awarded for his meritious contributions to the Prisons by International Prisons Ministry in 2003.

Ibulubo, has a flair for writing.  He has the following literary works to his credit.

*   Indiscipline, the Enemy of Giants

*  Your Background Notwithstanding

*  Vision for Eternity

*  Power For Desire

*  Character, Bedrock for Effective Ministry.