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Our History

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“History is a fascinating subject. It is more than what one imagines.”

It will be recalled that Mr. Augustus Ehuriewe Wogu left his, home town, Umuahia, to Port Harcourt in January 1930 as a job seeker, and on August 18, 1930 he succeeded getting employment in the Nigeria Marine in the Accounts Department.  He specially encountered the Lord on February 1931.  He became bold having been filled with the Holy Spirit and ministered effectively the Word of God and his new found faith to several people including his friends.  He later carried the fire to Umuahia and other villages around.  Bros. W. Woko, A.O. Asonye, G.O. Akwarandu and others listened to his story, though they were worshipping with the “Faith Tabernacle Congregation.”  When the Faith Tabernacle congregation’s opposition to their faith became tough, they rented a room at Marine Dockyard Quarters Port Harcourt for Church services, and started worship in November 1934, and were also baptized in the Holy Ghost there.

In 1967, Rivers Area was inaugurated immediately after the Nigeria Civil War.  She was created out of the then Southern Igboland District, under the able leadership of Rev. M.O. Ezeigbo as the General Superintendent and Rev. G.O. Oyakhilome as the Assistant General Superintendent all of blessed memory.  Movement and communication were difficult so the Rivers Area as an administrative unit, experienced terrible and strange behaviour among the few Ordained Ministers because none of them was willing to submit under the other.  As a result of such power tussles among them the situation became unbearable to cope with.  It is important to note few of the early Ordained Ministers that time, they are Rev. S.S. Aaron, Rev. (Dr.) G.B. Amonibia, Rev. A.D.K. Minabere, Rev. Abam, Rev. A. Peterside (Snr).  As the tension increased, few other ministers took the risk and invited the General Superintendent, late Rev. G. O. Oyakhilome, who came in his capacity and through God’s special grace rescued the Church and the entire work of the Rivers Area Constituency.  After a crucial meeting and addressing the constituency, a five man area Counseling Committee was then appointed to control the affairs of the Assemblies of God, Rivers Area.

1st Counseling Committee       1968   –  1972

2nd Counseling Committee      1972   –  1979

In 1979, the Rivers Area became a District.  And the first election was conducted and Rev. (Dr.) J.J.G. Nedom was elected the first Rivers District Superintendent.

2nd Presbytery              1982

3rd Presbytery              1984

4th Presbytery              1986

5th Presbytery              1986    –           1988

6th Presbytery              1990    –           1992

7th Presbytery              1992    –           1995

8th Presbytery              1995    –           1998

9th Presbytery              1998    –           2001

10th Presbytery           2001    –           2004

11th Presbytery            2004    –           2005 October

Caretaker Committee  2005    –           2006

12th Presbytery            2006    –           2009

13th Presbytery            2010    –           2013

14th Presbytery            2013    –           2016

15th Presbytery            2016    –           to Date.


In 1978, the District built her first District Secretariat, and was completed in 1979.  It will be recalled that No. 109 Aggrey Road was the first residence of the Pioneer Area Supervisor in 1968, and when the Rivers Area later became full-fledged District in 1979, No. 2, Harold Wilson Drive was magnanimously given by late Rev. D.F. Ibulubo to house the District Superintendent.  It was from there the District moved to then Headquarters in Rumuomasi, and from there to a rented apartment until September 3, 2011.

Under the leadership of late Rev. Dr. J.J.G. Nedom, it will be recalled that the first Headquarters was built, the purchase of Twenty-five acres of District land at Aleto Eleme was achieved e.t.c. and under Rev, Evang. Peter E. Taylor the work expanded, under the present leadership of Rev. Dr. Daddy D.S. Ibulubo, the present District Secretariat and the Bishop’s Lodge was completed and built respectively.  The purchase of Fifty Plots of land – Mercy Land was actualized.


Rivers District as an Administrative Unit is indeed a great grandfather in the work of the Lord both in human and spiritual resources.  She had in many ways made the National Church and her leadership proud. At her age she is still healthy, strong, powerful and committed to the ideals of the National Church.  She had given birth to several children (Districts).   They are:

  1. Ahoada
  2. Bayelsa
  3. Bayelsa East
  4. Bayelsa North
  5. Eastern Rivers
  6. Eleme/Tai
  7. Bonny
  8. Ikwerre
  9. Ikweree Central
  10. Ikwerre East
  11. Ikwerre South
  12. Etche
  13. Northern Rivers.

These stages of growth expanded the work and promoted the gospel.


Praise the Lord, that in spite of challenges, the District is experiencing God’s divine favour and blessings, which no one can refute hence the appellation, “Land of God’s Glory” .    We have committed Pastors, dedicated Deacons and Deaconesses, selfless departmental leaders, trained staffs in every capacity and they are really a blessing to the District.

Today, we have the following Sections:

  1. Port Harcourt Section
  2. New Layout Section
  3. Borikiri Section
  4. Bundu Section
  5. Marine Base Section
  6. Trans-Amadi Section
  7. Azuabie Section
  8. Okrika Section 1
  9. Okrika Section 2
  10. Okrika Section 3
  11. Okrika Mainland Section
  12. Ogu/Bolo Section
  13. Andoni Central Section
  14. Andoni South Section
  15. Andoni North Section
  16. Andoni East Section
  17. Andoni West Section
  18. Andoni New Road Section,