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I welcome you to the eleventh month of the year.
In MATHEW 20:9&10 the Bible reads
“And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny. But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny.”
‭‭You are welcome to our month of ELEVENTH hour blessings.
I declare over you that this month, every closed gate shall lift their heads for you!
The Lord will open before you double doors ,
so that your gates will not be shut day and night.
The Lord will go before you and assign His Angels to minister to you in Jesus mighty name! The Almighty God will bless you richly with the best of early and later rain to water your ground and plants for uncommon and unusual testimonies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
I decree that the most merciful God who provides for the birds of the air without them working for the foods will meet and provide for you at the very points of your needs in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Your little efforts will receive the special blessings of the Almighty God always in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You and your loved ones will never lack any good things all the days of your lives
God will bless your going out and your coming in everyday of this month.
You will not come across any evil , the Lord will continue to bless you in presence of your enemies, cover you and your house hold with his arm and grant all your heart desires both the secret and the non secret in Jesus mighty name
I decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that the good Lord will also bring to an end every known and unknown battles contending with your life In The Name Of Jesus Christ.
God will empower you to accomplish with ease all those good things you have been labouring for to achieve in Jesus name
Henceforth you shall experience unspeakable and Divine manifestation of God’s anointing power upon for restoration of failed businesses, financial breakthroughs and uncountable blessings in Jesus Name.
When rain falls, trees and the soil are watered, they yield and bring forth abundant harvest.
This month, God will water and nourish your life, you will prosper in all your endeavours and your efforts shall bring forth exceeding blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.
I declare over you that in your hour of need, you will not be forsaken, neither will your head be bowed in shame in the name of Jesus Christ.
You Will end this month with praises, joy and happiness In Jesus Marvellous Name.
Happy New Month

It’s from God’s servant

Rev Amb D.D.S Ibulubo PhD. JP

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