Andoni South Section


The Section was created in 1982 with Headquarters at Agwut-Obolo.  The Section at the time of creation comprised the whole Andoni Land, having the following churches:
Agwut-Obolo, Ilotombi, Akaradi, Ngo, Asarama, Ataba, Otuibotoron, Ajakajak, Unyeada, Okoroboile, Asuk-Oyet, Oronija, Ayama Ekede and Okolo-Ile.  Subsequently, Andoni Central was created out of Andoni South Section.  Agwut Obolo was the Headquarters.

The pioneer Pastor was Rev. Augustine I. Luke 1974,  Rev. Augustine I. Luke was also the pioneer Sectional Leader.  He is married to Rev. Mrs. Catherine A.I. Luke and the union blessed with children.

The present Sectional Leader is Rev. Mark A. Ubulom.  He is married with children.

Sectional Leader’s Contact:  08064505945

Furthermore, from Andoni South Section we have five (5) additional Sections now in existence; presently the mother Section consists of the following:

1.    Rev. Mark A. Ubulom    –    Agwut Obolo (Andoni South) with the wife:
Evangelist Awajimijaan M. Ubulom.
2.    Rev. Ubelejit E. Joseph    –    Ngo Church.
3.    Rev. Inwon S. Manasseh –       Ilotombi Church
4.    Rev. Gold L. Gold          –    Ukwa
5.    Pastor Tele Isaiah          –    Unyengala
6.    Evang. Mrs. Roseline J. Awaji – Council Estate
7.    Evang. Miss. Eunice E. Jacob –   Ayama Agana.


1.    Rev. Mark A. Ubulom    –    Chairman
2.    Rev. Ubelejit E. Joseph    –    Secretary
3.    Deacon Micah Promise
4.    Deacon John Nelson
5.    Deacon Kingson Robinson

Summarily, Agwut-Obolo church remains the mother church in Andoni as well as the Headquarters of Andoni South Section.