Andoni North Section



Andoni North Section was created from the then Andoni Section I in May, 1997, with Headquarters at Ajakajak. The Section was accorded full administrative recognition in June, 1997. On creation, the Section comprised Six Churches namely – Ajakajak, Ataba, Ibotirem, Oronija, Dema and Isiobiama.

The pioneer Sectional Leader was Rev’d Blessing C. Cornelius, and during his tenure the Sectional Headquarters was moved to Ataba. Thereafter, the Sectional Headquarters was transferred back to Ajakajak, due to its location and administrative convenience. Presently, the Andoni North Section has doubled the number of churches allocated on its creation. The Section now consists of the following twelve churches namely: Ajakajak, Ataba, Ibotirem, Oronija, Dema, Isiobiama, Udungama, Agba-Mbalaka, Otuafu, Samanga, Otungala and Egbormung.

The incumbent Sectional Leader is Rev’d Godknows E. Egberi. He is happily married to Mrs. Gladys G. Egberi. The union is blessed with five children (two boys and 3 girls).

Sectional Leader’s Contact: 08035428518, 08074235637
Email: facebook 08035428518.

1. Rev’d Godknows E. Egberi – Chairman
2. Rev’d Uche Waribo – Secretary
3. Deacon Mgbor Friday – Treasurer

1. Rev’d Godknows E. Egberi – Ajakajak
2. Rev’d Erasmus Silas J. – Ataba
3. Rev’d Njoku Anthony – Ibotirem
4. Rev’d Godknows Abbey – Dema
5. Rev’d Uche Waribo – Samanga
6. Pastor Emmanuel Ijorkgwung – Otuafu
7. Pastor Erasmus Jonas – Agba-Mbalaka
8. Pastor Stephen Jonah – Otungala
9. Pastor Victor Enyinnaya – Oronija
10. Pastor Robinson Robinson J. – Udungama
11. Pastor Benson Awajionyi – Egbormung
12. Pastor Nketawaji Igbi O. – Isiobiama