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*Text: Gen 2:8-25;3:1-24;Prov 16:25; 1 Cor 15:22;Rev 21:3-4*

*Key Verse: Genesis 2:16-17*

And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”(NIV)


Have you ever done something you later regretted? The truth is, we’ve all sinned and we’re all prone to mistakes. This study focuses on a choice that unleashed a catastrophic consequences. In the Garden, Adam and Eve had everything they could have wanted: a relationship with their Creator and a perfect earthly existence. But because they chose to ignore God’s warning, they lost it all. Even worse, their sin set in motion a cycle that has resulted in suffering for every person who had ever lived.

As you present this study, remind students of the importance of following God’s instructions and heeding His warnings. Scripture plainly teaches that doing things our way leads to death (Prov 16:25). Thankfully, God has provided a remedy by sending His Son to pay the penalty for our mistakes. Jesus has stripped the enemy of his power and made a way for us to live as God intended. It’s therefore our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use this study to draw students to Jesus. If you’re aware of students in your class who haven’t made commitment to Christ, allow plenty of time at the end of this session to invite these students to accept the forgiveness and reconciliation that He offers.

>>The Basic Message: Explain to students…


We can experience all that God has for us only when we submit to His authority and obey His instructions.


Disobedience leads to pain, sorrow, and separation from God, but Jesus provides Hope for sinners.


Recognize that God’s instructions are for good, seek forgiveness for sin, and determine to obey God.

>>Activity Option: THROWN AWAY

Have the class discuss this question: How would you feel if someone threw away a gift you had given? Why?

>>Guide: Explain that God created the world, He provided everything we needed to enjoy an existence free from pain and trouble. But all of that was carelessly tossed aside when humanity decided to disobey God and go its own way.

>>Study Overview: Explain that today’s study considers…

• How sin entered the world.

• The consequences of disobeying God’s instructions.

• God’s plan of salvation and restoration.

*>>Inform and Discuss*

*a). A World of Perfection*

• Read or ask volunteers to read Gen 2:8-15.What evidence of God’s love do we see in this passage? [Hint: God provided a special place for the man He had created-a beautiful garden filled with good food and fresh water. From the detailed description we can see how careful God was to give Adam the best of everything.]

>>Guide: Explain that God desires to bless us and fill our lives with good things. From the beginning, people have been special objects of His care and attention. By taking the woman from Adam’s body. God demonstrated that a husband and wife are to become one in unity and purpose. Families were a part of God’s plan from the beginning. Though family members today don’t always love and serve one another as God intended, the family was originally designed to be a blessing.

*b).A Word of Instruction*

1.Read or ask a volunteer to read Gen 2:16-17. What instructions did God give Adam in this passage? Why? [Guide: Explain that God speaks words of life and truth. It’s up to each person to decide to obey His instructions and be blessed or to disregard them and stumble toward death.]

>>Teacher Hint: But why that tree? God created us with the ability to make choices. We may never fully comprehend why God placed in the Garden the tree that led to humanity’s fall. But we can be grateful that He gave us freedom to think for ourselves-even when the freedom leads to trouble. He also provides guidance to help us make the right choices. He even extends hope and mercy to those who make mistakes.

2. Read or ask a volunteer to read Prov 16:25. List some of the things that seem “right, ”good,” or “fun” to majority of people but will ultimately lead to suffering, humiliation, loss, and (worst of all) eternal separation from God.

>>Guide: Explain that many things that God Intended for good can lead to death simply because they are not handled according to God’s Instructions or used as He intended. So, to avoid such pitfalls, we must listen to God’s Instructions and disregard the lies of the world.

*c).A World of Suffering*

1. Read or ask volunteers to read Gen 3:1-13. How did the serpent twist God’s word in verse 1? Why do you think Satan used this tactic? (Note: Contrary to what the serpent wanted Eve to believe, God didn’t withhold any good thing from Adam and Eve. People are in danger of sinning when they focus on what they think God is keeping from them, rather than appreciating the blessings that comes from knowing Him.]

>>Guide: Notice what verse 6 says: “the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good….”Up to this point, God has been the judge of what is good (Gen1:10,12,18,21,25). Problems come when we start deciding for ourselves what is good, rather than looking to God and His Word to help us know the difference between right and wrong choices.

2. Why do you think Adam and Eve hid from God?[Guide: Explain that the most immediate result of sin was separation from God. Sin brings a sense of shame that makes us uncomfortable in God’s holy presence. Violating God’s commands sets us in opposition to His standards and character. So, the intimate relationship is severed.]

3. Read or ask volunteers to read Gen 3:16-24.What did Adam and Eve gain or lose because of their sin? [Guide: Explain that the tragic irony is that, by pursuing the “freedom” they thought they wanted, they lost the amazing freedom that God had generously provided. They were later banished from the garden and would have to work for their food, battling with harsh elements of nature just to survive. What did they stand to gain from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? God had already given them everything good. The only thing they hadn’t experienced was evil. And of course, that was exactly what their sinful act Invited into the world.]

d).A Word of Hope

1. Read or ask a volunteer to read Gen 3:14-15. How does this passage provide hope?

>>Note: God acknowledged that Satan would cause human pain and suffering – as a natural result of sin. Yet, He looked ahead to a time when, through Christ’s suffering on the cross, Satan’s dominion would be destroyed. Though we still live in a world of suffering, Satan has no real power over those who have placed their trust in Jesus. We can look forward to the day when we will be with God and enjoy the life that he wanted us to have.

2. Read or ask a volunteer to read 1 Cor 15:22; Rev.21:3-4.How can you communicate this hope to someone who doesn’t know Jesus?|Hint: Though we all deserve to die, God hasn’t left us In a hopeless situation. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, He provided a way of escape from the ultimate consequences of sin. When God and His people are together for eternity, the effects of sin will be abolished forever. There will be no more death, mourning, crying, or pain.]

>>Involve Them: Provide paper and pens or pencils, and give students one minute to see who can list the most consequences of the original sin. Ask the winning student to read his or her list. For each consequence, have the class suggest a solution that Jesus offers (e.g., sin brought sickness, but Jesus offers healing). Explain that Jesus’ work on the cross provides a remedy for the effects of sin, but we must be willing to admit our wrongdoing and accept His gracious offer of salvation.

>Inspire Them: Remind students THE BASIC MESSAGE of this study(pg 14), even as you explain WHAT the Big Idea behind the study is; WHY it matters; and HOW we can live the lesson captured in this study.

>>Ministry Activity: Explain that just as God gave Adam instructions In the Garden, He instructs us through His Word and through the Holy Spirit. Have students spend a few moments in quiet prayer, asking God to speak to their hearts. Encourage them to seek forgiveness for any unconfessed sins and ask God to help them obey His Word.

Conclude the study by offering to pray with students who have not accepted Jesus as the Forgiver of their sins and Leader of their lives.

>>Teacher Hint: Ask Yourself…

1. Can students name some consequences of sin?

2. Can they explain why it’s important to obey God’s commands?

3. Do they understand that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross provides forgiveness and restoration for those who will accept it?

*>>Dally Dew Drops*

Mon: True Test of Discipleship – John 14:23;Prov 6:20

Tue: The Way to Live – Deut 5:33;James 1:22

Wed: Be Not Moved – 1 Cor 15:58

Thu: Blameless Life – 1 John 3:21-22

Fri: Submit to God – James 4:7

Sat: Better Listen – Malachi 2:2



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