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BIBLE TEXT Genesis 1:20-2:2

MEMORY VERSE: God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing (Gen 1:21b, NIV).


To help the child know that God created the world to be occupied by living things.


During and after the lesson, each child will show that he or she understands the lesson by:

1. Naming all the living things God made.

2. Praying and thanking God for making man in His own image.


1. God’s Plan

2. God’s Act – Gen 1:2-30

3. God’s Purpose – Gen 1:31-2:1-2


Do you remember the activities of God during the first four days of creation? He created light, the sky, cloud and sea, dry land, trees, flowers, sun, moon and stars in those four days. But today, we shall see that these were not the only things God created. He worked for six days. We shall see today what He made in the remaining two days.

A song we sing says, “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful. The Lord God made them all.” Sing this chorus.


1. God’s Plan

God did not make the world to remain empty (with only non-living things and trees). His plan was that living things (birds, fishes and animals) will live in the world. God made a beautiful world with all good things and put man (boys and girls thankful to God for loving us in this sky, cloud, sea, dry land, trees, sun, moon etc. can be regarded as a beautiful house built by God. Remember that Jesus is building us a more beautiful home in heaven(John 14:1,2).

2. God’s Act-Gen 1:2-30

Here we continue with what God created. After making non-living things on the first four days, He made living things on the last two days. The first two living things that God made were fishes and birds. This was in the fifth day of creation. These fishes were to live in the waters while the birds will be flying in the air. God also commanded them to give birth to their kinds(fishes to produce fishes and birds to produce birds too).

On the sixth day, God created animals (cattle, elephants, lions, etc.). He commanded them to live in the bush. He also told them to produce other animals in their likeness.

Man was also created on the sixth day of creation. God decided to make us in His image and likeness after He had created other things. He said, “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” Genesis 1:26.God made us to be His children, to resemble Him. The first man and woman God created were Adam and Eve. They were our first parents. He made Adam from the dust of the earth and later He took a rib from Adam’s body while he was sleeping and made Eve. They were holy and righteous when He made them. He gave them head, hands, feet, eyes, mouths, etc. How bad it would have been if God did not give us these things.

God then made a beautiful garden on the Earth for Adam and Eve to live in as their home. He told them to take care of the garden and eat food from its trees and plants. He also asked them to take care of all the animals He had created.

3. God’s Purpose – Gen 1:31-2:1-2

God had a purpose in creating Adam and Eve. That purpose was for them to glorify, fear and worship Him. He created all of us. He wants us to use our bodies to serve and worship Him. He is Spirit and He gave us spirit so that we can fellowship with Him in spirit and in truth. He wants us to know Him now that we are still young. (Ecclesiastes12:1). Samuel ‘and Timothy were little boys who knew God.

God did not give the other things He made all the beautiful things He gave us. Rather He gave us power to rule the other things He created (animals, birds, fishes, sky, sea, etc.). This shows how much He loves us more than them. He gave His image and likeness only to man.

When God finished creating the world and all the things in them, He declared them good. There was no sin, no sickness, no pains, no fighting, no stealing and none of the bad things that fill the world today.

God did not do any work on the seventh day. Rather He rested from His labour. That is why He ordained the seventh day as a day of rest and worship.


A story is told about the creation. The story says that during creation, animals were given various powers, such as strength, swift feet and wings because they were created first. And that man was not created with any of such powers. The story goes on to say that after creating man, God stood man naked before Him. And the man began to complain that the animals had taken away all the good things and that he was left with nothing.

God then told man he has been given the greatest gift of all. He has been given the gift of reason, which is all powerful in heaven and on the Earth. It is “stronger than the strong, and swifter than the swift.” God rebuked man for not appreciating what he has been given.

At this explanation, man then realised that he has been made in the image of God and that is the greatest gift of all. He became happy and went away with thanksgiving and praises to the Creator. Indeed man is “fearfully and wonderfully made“ (Psalm 139:14).


1. ______and ______ were the first two living things that God made.

(A)Man and woman

(B) lion and goat

(C) fishes and birds

(D) A and B.

2. God took ______ from Adam’s body while making Eve

(A) a rib


(C) water

(D) nothing.

3. What purpose did God have in creating Adam and Eve?

(A) For them to marry each other

(B) for them to have fun

(C) for them to glorify, fear and worship Him

(D) for them to live forever.

4. What did God do on the seventh day?

(A) He rested from His labour

(B)He created trees

(C)He created animals

(D) He created birds.


Mon: God Creates Living Creature – Genesis 1:21

Tues: God Makes Wild Animals – Genesis 1:25

Wed: God Makes Man – Genesis 1:26,27

Thurs: God Blesses Human Beings – Genesis 1:28

Fri: God Gives Man Every Plant and Animal – Genesis 1:29,30

Sat: God Makes a Beautiful Garden – Genesis 2:8

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